Acknowledgement of Responsibilities for Activity Fund Sponsors

The purpose for the raising and expending of funds by student groups is for the direct benefit of the students. Fundraising activities will contribute to the educational experience of the students and will not conflict with the instructional program. Money raised by student groups and organizations will be held by the school as trustee. At the secondary schools (7th grade – 12th grade), the students that assist in raising the funds will have direct input into how the funds are to be spent, however, the faculty sponsor of a student club or group is responsible for maintaining adequate financial records as evidence of proper custodianship of money received by and disbursed by club accounts.

I hereby acknowledge I have read the Deming Public Schools Cash Handling Procedures and I am responsible for complying with it. In particular, I acknowledge that:

All fundraising activities will be approved, in advance, by the building administrator and Superintendent or designee using the electronic Fundraiser Approval process. The fundraiser cannot occur until fully approved.

I am responsible for both safeguarding and accounting for funds received or on behalf of students.

Activity money will be turned in to the office daily in accordance with school district policy and New Mexico State Statute.

At the completion of all fundraisers, the Fundraising Recap will be completed and submitted to the Activities Director and the finance department within two (2) weeks of completion of the fundraiser. 

All purchases made on behalf of the student organization will be made by purchase order and approved in advance by the principal or designee

I will maintain a positive balance in my organization’s account.

I understand that I will be held responsible for following district policy and procedure and that I will reimburse the student organization or campus activity fund for any money which is lost due to carelessness, fraud, or failure to follow established policies.

Fundraiser Information

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Revenue account Code funds will be deposited to.

Principal Approval

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Finance Department Approval

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Activities Director Approval

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